How It Works

Pooled saliva Covid-19 RT-PCR testing works by combining the samples of individuals and testing them all together.


Pooled Covid-19 RT-PCR testing with SalivaClear Steps:





Collect a saliva sample for each person in the group. Samples are tested. If the results are negative, the group is clear.


If the test from Stage I is positive, the group will be divided into smaller groups of two people each to locate the positive result.


The positive test group is retested as two individual tests to locate the COVID+ individual.

Mirimus clinical labs developed SalivaClear testing, handles testing as well as testing analysis. Coverified’s software features a symptom checker, contact tracing, testing results integration, clearance gating, and analytics so you have all the data conveniently organized inside your portal making your experience simple and streamlined.


Benefits of Pooled Testing

Quick Turn Around

Turn around for results is within 24 hours of receipt at the lab

Non Invasive

Saliva-based testing is non-invasive and requires no trained medical personnel

One Price

We charge one upfront price for all three stages of testing, no complicated billing

One Test

We use just one saliva sample to perform all three stages of testing, no recollection is required

Peace of Mind

Students can presume they are negative until a positive pool is found, which can lead to improved mental health outcomes and better student outcomes

No Disruption

Ongoing, routine testing leads to less disruption in the classroom or sports team


Our Beehive Model

The co-founders of September Health, Ashley Rossi and Matthew Trattner, envision the partnership between September Health Solutions and schools, businesses, and other organizations similar to honeybees and their hive. Honeybees are highly social and work together for the well-being of all. For a beehive to function optimally, each group within the hive has an important role. The hive’s success depends upon all bees collaborating. September Health Solutions developed the Beehive concept to illustrate the role each of us plays in keeping our communities safe for all. 


Your school, business, or organization is your hive. You need to manage the hive to keep it healthy and functioning smoothly. You can count on us, the beekeepers, to keep your hive running in optimal condition. 


Everyone within your hive has important roles to fill. You will appoint your Queen Bee, who will be in charge as the Program Coordinator.  


If you are a school, the drones are the teachers. In a business or organization, your staff will help support our program. 


We all love our honeybees! They are super social and want to get back to school and work! The honeybees in your hive are children if you are a school or educational institution. In your business, your employees are the honeybees. 


•    September Health Solutions
•    Mirimus Clinical Labs
•    CoVerified 
September Health Solutions, in partnership with Mirimus Clinical Labs and CoVerified, are your beekeepers. You can depend on us for your COVID management solutions.  Working together, our team of world-class experts offers the gold standard of Pooled Saliva-sample COVID-19 testing.