Why Partner With Us

Implementing a Pooled-Testing routine into your organization is the first step towards relieving fear and uncertainty.  Many parents are afraid of returning their children to school and school teachers are staff yearn to be back in the classroom but have families of their own to care after. Once established, a Pooled Testing protocol allows a school or organization to identify positive cases of Covid early and allows the school or organization to make data-driven decisions. PCR diagnostics can identify a positive case 1.5-4.5 days prior to infection. This leads to less disruption in the classroom. 


Our Partner Lab

Brooklyn, NY-based Mirimus Labs sets a new standard of excellence and innovation in Pooled testing, and September Health is a proud partner. Mirimus offers a high-quality, pooled PCR test featuring SalivaClear, using saliva as the test sample. This is perfect for children, schools, professional athletes, and any groups who may suffer from Covid testing fatigue due to repeated tests. 
The saliva tests are non-invasive, yet extremely accurate. The testing is scalable and on-site testing is convenient for schools, events, and organizations. 
Mirimus was founded by Prem Premsrirut, MD, Ph.D. Her vision, born out of necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is to provide inexpensive yet effective Pooled Saliva RT-PCR COVID-19 testing.  
Mirimus was named Grand Prize Winner of the X-PRIZE Rapid COVID Testing Competition. Mirimus is a CLIA-certified lab. Reporting takes place inside a secure platform that is fully HIPAA compliant. 

Our Technology Partner

September Health Solutions partnered with CoVerified because it is the best-in-class software platform. CoVerified offers a pooled testing results platform as well as other Covid management tools.
The founding CoVerified team is made up of expert physicians, engineers, and business executives, as well as public health and policy leaders from Harvard and MIT. Schools and organizations will have access to CoVerified’s results management platform in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

September Health is ready to serve you with safe, accurate Covid testing solutions.



September Health Solutions, LLC is an official reseller of Mirimus Saliva Clear product.